The Manifest Method

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The Manifest Method

Jennifer Blanchard
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It's Time For You to Have (Your Version Of) It All

Do you ever feel like you're meant for more than the life you're currently living?

Does seeing someone else have what you want cause serious FOMO?

Do you worry about how you'll make your dreams and desires happen?

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, or frustrated that you haven't made your dreams a reality yet?

Do you see a bigger vision for yourself and your life but just don't know how to reach it?

Do you secretly fear that it might never happen for you?

Do you believe that you're too old (or too young) or that it's too late to have the life you dream of?

Are you living in a feast or famine cycle where things are always up and down?

Or, are you simply just looking for a better way to have more of what you want more of the time?

I was too.

After spending years learning about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest, I found myself frustrated that some things came easily to me and others not so much. I didn't understand how I could manifest some things while others eluded me.

But it wasn't until early 2019 that I fully discovered the true power of manifestation.

In January of that year, I manifested a divorce from an unaligned marriage, and when that happened, I was able to look back in hindsight and see there's a process to all of this! One that I had been using unconsciously for as long as I could remember.

That day, the process became clear to me and I saw there were specific things I did, not only to manifest the divorce but to manifest and achieve everything I had up 'til that point.

I began intentionally applying this process in my life and it changed EVERYTHING for me!

In a few short years, I went from being divorced, broke with bad credit, driving a junker, and living in my dad's basement to manifesting my dream man and relationship, a new Jeep, a luxury townhouse with a water view, making four figures+ per month from my books, and MORE!

By following my Manifest Method, I changed my entire life and fast!

But I'm not special--this doesn't just work for me. It can also work for you.

The Manifest Method

The Manifest Method is my signature methodology for manifesting whatever you want without ever worrying about how you'll do it. MANIFEST is an acronym for this method where each letter represents one step in the process.

Here's what it looks like:

M - Massive clarity

A - Advance gratitude

N - Now decide you're worthy

I - Inner work

F - Feel it

E - Embody it

S - Show up for your life

T - Take inspired action

When you apply this manifesting process in your life, you can learn to manifest whatever you want--including love, money, better health, a car, a house, and anything else you desire. There are no limits to what's possible!!

The Manifest Method Course Overview

This is a four-week course. Here's what we're covering:

Module 1: Massive action (M) + Advance gratitude (A)

This week, we lay the foundation for the rest of the course. Uncover your deepest desires, create a vision for your life (or whatever area(s) you want to shift), tap into gratitude for what you want before you even have it, and discover how to operate day-to-day with more intention and surrender.

Module 2: Now decide you're worthy (N) + Inner work (I) + Feel it (F)

This week, we're dealing with the inner game of being a master manifestor. This is where shit gets real, but it's also where real transformation begins. You'll dig into old limiting beliefs and identities that no longer fit and create a whole new way of thinking about, believing in, and seeing yourself, your life, and what's possible for you.

Module 3: Embody it (E) + Show up for your life (S) + Take inspired action (T)

This week, you'll add action to the inner work and begin to embody the Manifest Method process. You'll discover simple ways to tap into your inner guidance, hear those inspired action nudges, and actually act on them.

Module 4: Applying the Manifest Method to Money, Love, Health, and More

This week, you'll learn more about how to apply the Manifest Method process to every area of your life and all the things you desire to manifest. You'll go deeper into the energy, frequency, and inner work of money, love, health, and more.

Results From Students of Jennifer's Work


When it comes to Bonuses, I don't mess around! These Bonuses aren't just extra things to entice you, they're supplements to the course that work hand-in-hand to help you get a more thorough understanding of the Manifest Method and how to use it to manifest whatever you want without worrying about how you'll do it.

Here are the Bonuses you get:

  • Act Like It--a six-part audio course with worksheets for each module to help you quantum leap your life and begin to think, believe, feel, and act like your next-level self right now
  • F*ck the How: the Course--a supplement to my book of the same name, this six-part audio course with worksheets for each module will help you practice the art of surrender and help you to learn to set the "How" aside and be able to trust and believe that it will all work out in your favor
  • Test Drive Your Dreams--a five-part audio course with worksheets for each module to guide you in test-driving your dreams and desires to find the ones that are right for you
  • Reclaim Your Worthiness--a 15-part audio course that will help you to tap into and reclaim your inner worthiness; it's still there, just buried below a bunch of crap you'll be releasing during this Bonus course
  • Troubleshooting Your Manifesting--originally found in my book, F*k the How, this resource will help you to troubleshoot anything you're manifesting that hasn't shown up in your physical reality yet
  • Human Design 101--this is a basic intro to Human Design, what it is, how to use it, and how knowing your human design can improve your manifesting skills

What You Get

I just covered a lot of stuff, so let's go through it all one more time so you know exactly what you're getting when you enroll in The Manifest Method.

You get:

  • A repeatable process for manifesting anything you want now and forevermore
  • A deeper understanding of energy and frequency and the principles of manifestation and how to use it all to your advantage
  • To identify old limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and ways of being that no longer serve you and create new empowering thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and ways of being that actually do
  • To release anything (internally and externally) you've been holding onto that is blocking you from getting what you want
  • Clear on what it means to be an energetic match for what you desire (aka match the vibration of it) and how to do it
  • To be in the energy and certainty of Jennifer who has used and is using the Manifest Method to create her dream life and beyond

More specifically, you get:

  • Four weekly modules--one per week
  • Four weekly Q&A livestream Recordings--one per week to supplement each module
  • A private Facebook group to connect with other participants and get support from Jennifer
  • A variety of freaking-awesome Bonuses that work with the course to help you become a master manifestor
  • Affirmations, transformational assignments, and countless tips, tools, and recommendations in every module and Bonus
  • LIFETIME access and all future updates--this is my signature course and I'll be launching it 1-2x a year every year from here on out; that being said, when you enroll, you get lifetime access to the content AND to any updates or additional modules or content I add in the future

Course Investment: $222

Payment Options

Pay-In-Full: $222

You can pay in full by clicking the "I want this" button (at the top right of this page)

2 Payments of $111

You will pay one payment of $111 when you sign up and then one additional payment of $111 a month later

*Payment plan is set up through PayThen

About Author Jennifer Blanchard

Jennifer Blanchard is the author of F*ck the How, and Quantum Leap Your Life (among others). She translates "woo-woo" spiritual principles into practical life applications and helps you to set the How aside so you can manifest whatever you want.

She has authored more than a dozen books, including several works of fiction, and is co-author of the book, Miraclefesting.

Jennifer's blog was named one of the Top 10 Greatest Writing Blogs of the Decade by PositiveWriter, and her screenplay, "The Rules" placed as a semi-finalist in the Stage32 Rom-Com Script Contest (2019).

She has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing.

If you have any questions, please email support@jenniferblanchard.net

Jennifer Blanchard cannot guarantee any specific results that you will get from participating in this course. Results will be unique to each individual participant.

There are no refunds.

We recommend that when you enroll in this course you do so with intention and claiming what you now decide is true for you and who you are becoming.

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