The 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge

Jennifer Blanchard
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You already know you have what it takes to achieve whatever you set your mind to, or you wouldn't be here right now reading this. That's a given.

But maybe this year didn't go quite how you thought it would.

Maybe things got in the way. Maybe stuff happened. Maybe you allowed yourself to enjoy the year instead of being productive. Maybe you needed a break. Maybe you got off track. Maybe you procrastinated and let resistance get the best of you.

And maybe now you're done with that shit.

Introducing The 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge

One of the best days of the year is almost upon us... September 22. This date officially marks 100 days left in the year. 

Why is this one of the best days? 

Well, not only is it my birthday, but it's also a huge opportunity for you to get back on track with what you said you were going to do this year!! 

When there are 100 days left in the year, you really only have two options:

1. Put your goal off 'til next year (yet again).

2. Put on your go-getter pants and make it happen.

One hundred days is more than enough time to get your goal. Or it's enough time to make serious progress on your goal if it requires more time than that.

But most people are full of excuses--it's too late to do it this year, the holidays are coming up, I don't have time, I'm too busy, it's not the right moon phase, I can't do it. Over and over and over again they come up with excuses, or "reasons" for not being able to do what they said they would.

And you can choose not to be one of them.

How The Challenge Works

This challenge is pretty straight-forward:

  • Choose 1 goal that you want to hit by the end of 2021
  • Come to our private Facebook group for support, accountability, comraderie, guidance, feedback, and whatever else you need on your 100-day journey

The 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge is designed to support you in achieving your goal--whatever it may be--by December 31 (or sooner!), so you can go into 2022 feeling so damn proud of yourself for finally following through on something that matters to you.

What You Get

Here's what you get as part of this challenge:

  • A private Facebook group--this is where all of the challenge content and interactions with Jennifer and the rest of the participants will take place
  • Unlimited access to Jennifer and her team inside the Facebook group--for questions, support, feedback, guidance, and whatever else you need along your 100-day journey
  • Accountability (inside the FB group) throughout the 100 days--so you stay on track and get your goal by December 31
  • Livestream trainings + motivational audios from Jennifer--throughout the 100 days, Jennifer will schedule livestream trainings to discuss different topics related to successfully hitting your goal, she'll also drop links to motivational audios she's created especially for this challenge

A Bonus

Changing your mindset and inner-programming is a big part of being successful at achieving your goals. And so I've got a pretty awesome Bonus for you when you join this challenge! You will get access to one of my best mindset courses for FREE!! 

  • Reprogrammed (a self-paced digital course)--21 days of extreme mindset and inner work for anyone who is DONE being stuck, TIRED OF experiencing the same unwanted things over and over again and READY to oo to the next level like NOW

Ready to Get Your Goal?

Then sign up for The 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge now and let's do this!

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The 100-Day Get Your Goal Challenge

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